Is your body acting like an asshole?

Time for a little quiz:

How is your relationship with food?

  1.      I eat macaroni and cheese for breakfast. No guilt whatsoever, cuz I’m an adult. Fuck it.
  2.      All I ate yesterday was a package of saltine crackers.

If you answered A, congratulations – you’ve tapped into the Pristine Fountain of No-Fucks-Given that the rest of us are trying to find. Proceed on with your life.

If you answered B, keep reading.

When you think of food — the very substance you need to survive – as something dangerous, can your body really trust you?

Your body is like a teenager. If it thinks you’re trying to restrict it by withholding food, it’s going to do everything it can to outsmart you and get what it wants. The more restrictions you put on it, the louder it’s going to holler, and the more it’s going to seem like a real asshole.

It’s a lot harder to have a positive body image when your body isn’t your friend. So let’s try the opposite approach.

Try giving your body what it wants. Feed it. A cookie, pasta, steak, whatever it wants.

It won’t holler forever, I promise.

And then it will be easier to love.

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