Hi. I’m Suzie.




I’m an eating disorder survivor and body image advocate. I’m also a certified Catalyst Coach trained in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).


I take pride in meeting my clients where they’re at, and I wholeheartedly believe that your potential is limitless. I’m a gentle teacher of body positivity and heart happiness, as well as a staunch smasher of the Food Police.


I’m here to help you STOP cowering in fear of the Almighty Calorie, STOP being afraid of weight gain, and START trusting your cravings.


I’m here to help you Love Food, Love Life, and Eat the Damn Cookie.


My fight with food lasted fifteen years. I starved myself down 20 pounds and binged my way up 35 pounds, hating myself all the way, never believing my fight with food could ever end.


I know…

  • How emotionally consuming it is to live your life fighting food
  • How crazy it feels — to work so hard to control your diet, only to rocket away, wildly out of control, the instant a bowl of fun-size candy bars appears on the office reception desk.
  • What it’s like to scarf down a jar of peanut butter right before bed, vowing to eat only grilled chicken and egg whites the next day.


But here’s another thing I know:




If I can eat the damn cookie and feel stronger, smarter, and healthier because of it, YOU CAN TOO.


Are you ready to…

  • Finally live out your childhood dream — the one where you, the adult, could eat a bowl of ice cream for breakfast with absolutely no rules, no shame, no guilt?
  • Learn how you can eat whatever you want AND feel sexy, confident, and brilliant at the same time?
  • Eat the Damn Cookie?


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